In defense against Russia, Ukraine also uses special software from a Czech company

In defense against Russia, Ukraine also uses special software from a Czech company

Ukraine also uses special software from a Czech company in defense against Russia

Ukrainian tank with soldiers in Luhansk on January 15, 2023.

Prague – Ukrainian security forces also use special software from the Czech company Compelson in defense against Russia. Based on data analysis, it allows them to obtain information about the movement of Russian armed forces or the content of mobile phone messages. Dušan Kožušník, founder and director of Compelson, told ČTK.

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The company offered its MOBILedit Forensic forensic software to the security forces of Ukraine for free for one year immediately after the country was attacked by Russia. Ukraine now has over 50 licenses available, in addition to the Ministry of Defense it is used by the state or military police, the border guard or the State Office for the Investigation of War Crimes.

“When the conflict broke out in Ukraine, it looked like a collision between a hare and a bear. A number of companies across various fields immediately lent a helping hand to Ukraine. Since we at Compelson have been dedicated to fighting crime for many years, we considered it our duty to provide our software to the Ukrainian security forces.” said Kožušník.

The software of his company enables the analysis of obtained mobile devices and smart watches to obtain data, for example, on the movements of military units or messages or information on calls made. It can also analyze the content of photos on the device. According to Kožušník, the Ukrainian armed forces can thus obtain, for example, information on the basis of which it is possible to trace the movements and bases of enemy units.

The software also offers a function that can be used to determine whether the photos located in the device's memory have only been downloaded from internet or directly photographed. Due to the conflict in Ukraine, Compelson expanded the possibilities of detecting objects in photographs to include the detection of weapons and weapon systems for the needs of forensic investigation of images and photographs. During the analysis, it is thus possible to determine what weapons and military equipment are in the photographs.

In addition to the software, Compelson also offered Ukrainian forces training in its use. It also provides them with remote support.