In Egypt, the first recorded case of infection with coronavirus

В Египте зафиксирован первый случай заражения коронавирусом

The Ministry of health of Egypt on Friday, February 14, reported the discovery of the first case of coronavirus infection in Chinese COVID-19 in the country.

About it reports the edition . The source said that Egypt had contracted the coronavirus is a foreigner. Laboratory tests of the patient were positive, but the patient has no symptoms of infection.

Foreigner were isolated for 14 days, during this period he will be under medical supervision. The Ministry noted that immediately informed the who and has taken all necessary measures.

The representative of the world health organization in Egypt, John Gabor praised the speed and transparency of the Egyptian government in the fight against coronavirus.

According to him, Egypt is one of those countries that have developed a good prevention plan to combat coronavirus. In addition, this country is the first South Mediterranean region, which provided accurate test systems organization to identify the infected.

What you should know about the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV:

  • As of February 14, from viral pneumonia, which has been provoked by a coronavirus, died 1383 people. The total number of those infected – more than 64 thousand people worldwide.
  • The world health organization declared a global emergency health.
  • The presence of an infection in Ukraine suspected, but no one case was not confirmed.
  • From the coronavirus die on average 9% of infected.
  • Most of the victims were elderly people suffering from other concomitant diseases, such as Parkinson’s or diabetes.
  • Travel companies and online agencies have stopped organizing group tours to China.
  • The Ukrainian Embassy in China advises to refrain from trips to the country where the epidemic is raging.

В Египте зафиксирован первый случай заражения коронавирусом

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