In Germany, arrested the Director of the company, which supplied military equipment to Russia

В Германии арестовали директора компании, который поставлял военное оборудование в Россию

For 2 years the suspect committed 7 export operations amounting to about 8 million euros

Federal prosecutors in Karslruhe issued a warrant for the arrest of a German citizen on suspicion of violation of the embargo on the supply of military equipment to the Russian Federation. This is stated in the press service of the Federal Prosecutor’s office in Karslruhe.

Reported to Federal prosecutors, on 12 February issued a warrant for the arrest of the citizen of Germany Alexander S. on the basis of the decision of the investigating judge of the Federal court.

“There is a suspected breach of the Law on foreign trade and payments. There is evidence that he acted in the interests of the secret service of a foreign state”, – stated in the message.

The suspect was temporarily detained 11 Feb 2020 Augsburg employees of the office of the customs criminal police.

The suspect is the managing Director of the company, located in the South of Germany. He delivered the machines to the military recipients in Russia, passing them through the fake recipients. For the period from January 2016 to January 2018 7 was carried out export operations worth about 8 million euros. The export of such goods is prohibited by the provisions of the order to embargo, if they can be intended for military use or military end user.

Earlier, the participants of the International conference on Libya have agreed to maintain the embargo on weapons to that country.

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