In Germany, only last night revealed 7 thousand patients with coronavirus

В Германии только за последние сутки выявили 7 тысяч больных коронавирусом

In Germany, only in recent days have revealed more than 7 thousand new cases of infection with coronavirus. From the disease died 72 German citizen.

The President of Germany Walter Steinmeier appealed to the citizens, asking them to be patient. This was announced by the publication .

For the last day it was possible to identify 7 thousand new cases of infection of the coronavirus Covid-19
the report says German epidemiologists.

Only in Germany got sick coronavirus more than 40 thousand people, and the number of deaths from the disease – 229.

According to the President of Germany Walter Steinmeier, measures aimed at social distancing, can last for weeks.

He also praised the German hospital for treatment of the French and Italian citizens to ease the burden on the health system in these countries.

How is Germany reacting to the outbreak of coronavirus

  • Coronavirus powerfully hit Germany and other European countries. The number of infected is growing rapidly. At the same time, the number of deaths is still quite low.
  • One of the factors that explains the low mortality rate from coronavirus in Germany, an extremely large number of tests carried out in Germany. The German laboratory is now conducting more than 160 thousand of tests for coronavirus weekly. This is more than some European countries combined with the beginning of the crisis.
  • Mass screening reduces mortality, as it allows to identify cases Covid-19 even in patients who have few or no symptoms.
  • Also the German government ordered a further 10 thousand rescue systems of artificial ventilation of lungs, in addition to the 25 thousand that are already installed in hospitals throughout the country.

В Германии только за последние сутки выявили 7 тысяч больных коронавирусом

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