In Italy, the 101-year-old man crossed the coronavirus

В Италии 101-летний мужчина преодолел коронавирус

An outbreak of the coronavirus still lasts in Italy. On days 101-year-old pensioner has recovered and gone home from the hospital.

The Deputy mayor of the Italian city of Rimini Gloria Lisi , the patient was admitted to the hospital of Rimini, tested positive for coronavirus last week.

The man was born in 1919 in the midst of another tragic global epidemic.

He saw everything: hunger, pain, progress, crisis and restoration. Crossing 100-year-old barrier, the fate set before him this new challenge, the invisible and terrible at the same time,
told Gloria Lisi.

The Deputy mayor said that according to statistics, seniors are most prone to deaths with the disease. However, the 101-year-old man has taught us, “that future is not yet written”.

According to the data , the average age of deaths from coronavirus in Italy stands at 81 years, mostly men (72%).

Coronavirus in Italy that is known

  • The total number of infected in Italy – more than 74 thousand people died 7 503 people.
  • The country has the largest number of deaths due to the disease in the world, and hospitals are not enough beds and necessary medical tools.
  • The people of Italy have forbidden to walk the streets. You can go just for groceries, to the drugstore and work. In other cases, you must have the appropriate permission.
  • In Italy from the coronavirus has died 3 Ukrainian.

В Италии 101-летний мужчина преодолел коронавирус

Myths and truth about coronavirus / Infographic 24 channel

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