In Italy the number of victims of coronavirus, has exceeded 8 thousand

В Италии количество жертв коронавируса превысило 8 тысяч

From the virus died 8165 people

The number of deaths in the outbreaks of coronavirus in Italy reached 8165 persons. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to Reuters.

Just last night in the country died 662 people.

According to the Agency of civil protection, the total number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in Italy increased to 80 539.

Of those who were initially infected with 10 361 people have fully recovered in the intensive care is 3612 people.

Most affected Northern region of Lombardy reported a sharp increase in deaths compared to previous day. In total, the region has killed 4861 people.

Recall, Italy has tightened the punishment for violation of the quarantine. So, was increased penalties for violation of quarantine from 400 to almost 3000 euros.

In addition, Italy was released from the hospital the first patient with a confirmed infection 21 Feb.

We will add that in Italy has announced the introduction of additional stringent restrictions in connection with the spread of the coronavirus.

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