In Japan recorded the first death from coronavirus

В Японии зафиксировали первую смерть от коронавируса

From the coronavirus in Japan died 80-year-old woman

In Japan recorded the first death from coronavirus, a new type, the focus is on mainland China. This was stated by the Minister of health of Japan Katsunobu Kato, Reuters reports.

According to him, from the coronavirus has died 80-year-old woman in Kanagawa Prefecture. This Prefecture borders with the capital region of Tokyo.

Earlier, China called the main method of infection with coronavirus. In particular, the representative of the state Committee on Affairs of health of China stated that the greatest number of cases of infection with coronavirus are airborne.

Prior to this, the Guardian published an article and cited the opinion of one of the principal epidemiologists of Hong Kong Gabriel Leona, who reacted to the statement by the world health organization on the “tip of the iceberg” in the context of the situation with the spread of the coronavirus.

According to Leone, most experts believe that everyone infected, on average, will transmit the coronavirus virus is approximately 2.5 people. It is assumed that the infection rate may reach 60-80% of the inhabitants of the Earth.

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