In Kharkov, a man of boredom called the police and asked to talk with him for 50 dollars

В Харькове мужчина со скуки вызвал полицию и просил с ним пообщаться за 50 долларов

The man in Kharkov called the cops because he was bored and had no one to talk to. This was reported by the press service of the local Department of the National police.

Patrol arrived on scene in Kharkov. The door was opened to them the man who said that he had no one to communicate and boring.

And in this way he decided to have fun.

Patrol told him that they will make the administrative report under article 183 Art.

After that, the man began offering a police officer $ 50 as a bribe. He thrust the bill into the pocket of the patrol. After that militiamen have caused it is investigative-task force.


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