In Kiev on the forums held a “special operation” to rescue a cat (VIDEO)

В Киеве на Борщаговке провели «спецоперацию» по спасению кота (ВИДЕО)

Looks like the rescue cats, sitting on top of the trees becomes a national hobby Ukrainians: after the well-known case in Kharkiv in the role of rescuers were made by the residents of the capital Borschagivka.

The case of the “miraculous rescue” occurred on Monday, February 10. Video “the RAID” had spent all night on the tree, the animal was placed in the Facebook community “Kyiv Operational”.

“A bit of good news on the real estate people got together to rescue a cat that climbed up a tree, but to go down could not”, — stated in the message.

The footage shows how under a tree, on which sits a black cat, people stretched the blue fabric, to catch the animal during the flight.

One of the men — as it later turned out, arrived on a call the lifeguard climbed a tree, and a few people at this time pulled down the canvas.

The rescue was successful: the animal fell right on the tent and did not suffer, though, and was really scared.

Also, probably, from a fright the cat quickly disappeared from the attention of the audience of “rescue.”

However, readers expressed huskies admiration for the actions of rescuers and concerned residents.

“But VI seemed scho katiku do not fast”, “Immediately reminded of “Saving private Barsik”, “VTK not Stig hocheTsTsa. People Moladz”, “Reminiscent of the plot of one nebezizvestnogo video”, “Cat respect”, “All cool!” — write in the comments.

At the same time, some found in the filmed material, the reason for the negative: “Cats have forgotten how to climb trees! the horror…”, “Saliste cat in spoka I wound up VIN bude where there are want. Prepint of dumate instead NSIH, all the more so instead of tvarin. Khudi to kitten world, Greta?”

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