In memory of Bohdan Stupka: little-known facts about the brilliant actor

Памяти Богдана Ступки: малоизвестные факты о гениальном актере

Actor Bohdan Stupka died on July 22, 2012 after a hard fight the disease. The actor became an epoch and a symbol of Ukrainian cinema – he starred in a hundred films, and also had more than a hundred characters on stage.

A lot of tape, which was played by Bogdan Stupka, the well-known to the Ukrainian audience. For 7 years brilliant actor no longer alive. We offer today to remember the interesting and little known facts from the life of Bohdan Stupka.

Growing up in a creative family

Bohdan Stupka from birth was involved in the theatre. To the stage he was taught by relatives. After all, dad sang in the choir of the Opera house, my mother’s brother was there as a soloist. In addition, my aunt Mortar was the Lviv Opera house is the main accompanist.

Therefore, little Bogdan spent her childhood behind the scenes. There he saw many of the outstanding singers of the postwar period, in particular by Ivan Kozlovsky and Sergei Lemeshev.

Not wanted to be an actor

Памяти Богдана Ступки: малоизвестные факты о гениальном актере

Young Bogdan Stupka

Despite the fact that many family members were theater-goers, he Bogdan in the childhood did not dream to be an actor. Boy, he planned to become a doctor, but abandoned the idea when he saw the injured back cousin – she was bloody and the wound scared him a little Mortar.

As a teenager Bogdan tried to enroll in the chemistry Department at Lviv Polytechnic, but to become a chemist he, too, was not destined to – he flunked out.

The scandal with the first role

Interestingly, his first role in the movie, the mortar was due to the scandal. Talking about the movie “White bird with black mark” directed by Yuri Ilyenko. The screenplay for the film co-wrote Ilienko, and actor Ivan Mykolaichuk. He had to play the Ukrainian nationalist Orestes Ringer, so written by himself.

Although renovated Soviet government was suspected of “nationalism”, and he was already a popular actor in the Union, so to play Orestes he forbade the censors. Therefore, the role given to a little-known actor of theatre Bohdan Stupka.

Памяти Богдана Ступки: малоизвестные факты о гениальном актере

Bohdan Stupka and Ivan Mykolaychuk during the filming of “White bird with black mark”

Difficulties with the game

Watching modern movies with Bogdan Stupka hard to believe that the first role in a movie could cause problems for outstanding actor. But later he told the mortar, he found it very difficult to switch from theater actor to kinoperson. It was during the filming of the movie “White bird with black mark”, where Stupka played a major role.

An excerpt of the film “White bird with black mark”: video

“I spoke very loudly, as in the theater, and I directed constantly repeated: “don’t shout, keep your voice down,” said the actor.

Difficulties arose with emotions. In the theatre Bohdan Stupka used to expressing emotions exaggeratedly, at the same time in front of the cameras we had to play more cautiously and naturally.

Was in politics

In 1999, Bogdan Stupka became the Minister of culture of Ukraine. However, head of the Ministry is not long. After 2 years he left the post. As he confessed to the mortar, the post was a burden, so he decided to return to the movie.

Starred in the erotic film

Another interesting experience of the actor, which is not so often and remember. At the age of 67 mortar decided to star in an erotic melodrama “Sappho.” Stupka played the role of a Russian archaeologist, who with her daughter arrived on the Greek island of Lesbos.

A video with excerpts of the film “Sappho” with the participation of Mortar: video

The soundtrack for the film was written by Ukrainian singer Lama

Career in television

We are talking about the popular TV game show “Fort Boyard”, where Stupka played the role of wise Molfar who asked tough riddles to the players.

Памяти Богдана Ступки: малоизвестные факты о гениальном актере

The mortar in the role of a wise Molfar. Program “Fort Boyard”

Strong bond with mother

Throughout his life the actor was a strong connection with her mother. Even they were born on the same day – August 27. To the advice of the mother of Bogdan listened all my life. When the legend movie felt the life force began to leave him, said he wanted to die that day, not his mom – July 23. To this date, the mortar has not lived only one day.

The asteroid in honor of the Mortar

Another interesting fact from the biography of the actor – in 2008, the 67 birthday of Mortar, the workers Andrushevka astronomic Observatory was named in his honor, the asteroid, which opened on the night of 27 August. The official name of the asteroid “269 252 Bohlenstube”.

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