In new Jersey, a man was coughing in the supermarket worker, saying that he had coronavirus

In new Jersey, a man was coughing in the supermarket worker, saying that he had coronavirus Author: Victoria Semenova, the Man coughed for a supermarket worker, saying that he had coronavirus Photo: New Jersey OAG Coronavirus crime US news new Jersey police USA В Нью-Джерси мужчина кашлял на работницу супермаркета, заявляя, что у него коронавирус

A man from new Jersey was arrested Tuesday, after he started coughing on the employee of the supermarket chain Wegmans and stated that he had the coronavirus, reports the New York Post.

As reported, the General Prosecutor, the bully was a 50-year-old George Falcone. The incident occurred around 18:30 when an employee of the supermarket Falcone made the remark that he too was close to her and open counter with food, and then asked him to move. However, the man did not listen, on the contrary, came closer and started to cough.

“He laughed and said that allegedly infected with a coronavirus.” – said the Prosecutor.

He then told other employees that they are lucky to have a job.

On Tuesday, Falcone was charged with terroristic threat, interference with activities of law enforcement officers and harrasment.

“It is extremely difficult times when we all need to be considerate to each other – not to participate in intimidation and spreading fear, as occurred in this case.” – said the Prosecutor General. “Just as we deal with prejudice and those who use the pandemic to incite hatred and prejudice, we promise quickly and decisively to respond whenever someone commits a criminal offence, which uses the coronavirus to create panic or strife.”

Such cases are becoming more: Sunday in Chicago were arrested the guy who was coughing a police officer in the face, shouting, “the Crown!”.

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