In Odessa built an arch for disinfection: video

В Одессе построили арку для дезинфекции: видео

Employees KP “Gorelektroset” and “Odesgorelektrotrans” built arch which disinfects each person who passes her.

About the creation of the arch for disinfection according to telegrams-channel Duma – Odessa news.

New device testing in the infectious diseases hospital. In the case of a positive result, the company is ready to organize production.

As of March 26, in Odessa 4 cases of infection with coronavirus. First ill guy who returned from the United States. He refused hospitalization and is in isolation.

Subsequently, the disease was confirmed at three other people: men born in 1973, women and men in 1965 and born in 1963.

Looks like arch for disinfection in Odessa: video

В Одессе построили арку для дезинфекции: видео

How to protect yourself from coronavirus / infographic 24 Channel

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