In one of the States in the US propose to do a vasectomy for all men over 50 years

In one of the States in the US propose to do a vasectomy for all men over 50 years Author: Alina Dykman abortions Alabama laws US news В одном из штатов США предлагают делать вазэктомию всем мужчинам старше 50 лет

The trendsetter of the state of Alabama presented a bill under which men are required to do a vasectomy within one month after they turn 50 years – or after giving birth to their third biological child.

According to her, this is the answer to an almost complete ban on abortions in the state.

“In accordance with the current legislation we don’t have any restrictions on the reproductive rights of men, – stated in the summary of the bill. This bill will require men to undergo a vasectomy within one month after the 50th anniversary or the birth of her third biological child, depending on what comes before.”

Democrat Roland Hollis introduced the bill Thursday as a response to the abortion law, enacted by the legislature of the state in the past year, which led to an almost complete ban.

“The bill of vasectomy is intended to help the reproductive system, and Yes, it needs to neutralize the bill to ban abortions… tango is not dance alone, men too must bear responsibility”, – said Hollis.

Men have to pay for the procedure themselves, as well as women in Alabama pay for medical bills related to reproductive health.

A law passed in Alabama last year, forbids abortion in almost all cases, and any doctor performing an abortion could be charged with a criminal offence and sentenced to imprisonment for a term up to 99 years.

However, the bill was blocked for the entry into force in November a district court judge United States Myron Thompson, who found it unconstitutional. The office of the attorney General of Alabama is not yet appealed a temporary injunction.

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