In Poltava said goodbye to the young soldier who died in the Donbas (VIDEO)

В Полтаве простились с молодым бойцом, погибшим на Донбассе (ВИДЕО)

On Friday, February 21, Poltava was the way of the fighter Maxim Chytilova, who fought in the Donbass.

About it reports “Apostrophe” with reference to a resource “Zmist”.

The body of the hero was transferred from Severodonetsk machine. On the border of Poltava region met dozens of cars and escorted to Poltava. On the way he met to meet, who have been war, mothers of dead soldiers, all with respect and gratitude accompanied Maxim.

Farewell was held on the square in front of the Poltava regional state administration. It gathered Poltava to farewell the fallen in the East Ukrainian hero.

“In 2014, Maxim was probably in class 10th and then he saw like in 2014-2015 we went to war. He graduated from the school in the example many of us have seen that it is not necessary to hide for jobs in Poland, or something. I watched an interview with his classmates, who said: “We tried to dissuade him” and everything else. I think… no, I am sure that all of his ancestors, who once fought against Moscow Horde, then Muscovy, then the Russian Empire, then Soviet occupiers. He is a worthy descendant of his ancestors who fought. And like his ancestors, he honorably fulfilled their duties. Maxim is not until the last retreated and died honorably on the battlefield. Moscow is our enemy. And we must fight to the end. After all, if we don’t then our children and grandchildren will fight again. Glory To Ukraine! Thank To Maxim!”, — said in his speech Anatoly Hanko, Vice-Chairman of the Poltava regional Council, “Svoboda”, who was a volunteer battalion of special purpose “Azov”.

Then from Poltava Maxim Chytilova lucky Wireline to the village, lokhvitskiy district, where he will remain forever.

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