In Prague's Hybernia Theater, Janek Ledecky started rehearsing a new musical comedy

In Prague's Hybernia Theater, Janek Ledecky started rehearsing a new musical comedy

In Prague's Hybernia Theater, Janek Ledeck started trying out a new musical comedy

Illustration photo – Singer and composer Janek Ledecký.

Prague – In Prague's Hybernia theater, author and director Janek Ledecky started rehearsing the new musical comedy Forget Shakespeare. The premiere of the play about the destruction of the theater for 12 actors will take place on October 28 this year. The humorous production will offer, among other things, slap dancing, singing, black theater and even acrobats will be given space. ČTK informed Han Tietze about this on behalf of the creator.

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Ledecky wrote the new play seven years after the premiere of his last musical Iago. In the story, the actors try to save the crumbling Svět theater with a new premiere that will be a blockbuster for tourists. Therefore, the director puts together the best of all the rehearsed scenes. This creates a unique musical comedy.

“Hamlet, Galileo, Iago… the taste for musical comedy from a theater environment has been brewing in me for more than 20 years. And I'm glad I waited. For twenty years I collected all those essential moments of theater magic on stage and behind the scenes, so that I can now serve them to you stuffed within two hours,” said Ledecký.

The singer, musician, composer and theater author and director selected the actors during auditions in April. Due to the demanding nature of the roles, they must be able to dance, sing and move quickly around the stage in different costumes. Václav Kopta, Lucie Vondráčková, Ivana Korolová, David Gránský, Ernesto Čekan, Petr Vondráček, Mojmír Maděrič and others will appear in the main roles.

Ledecky played in several musicals, some (Hamlet, Galileo, Iago) himself composed. Since 1999, his Hamlet has attracted almost 1.3 million viewers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Korea and Japan. Four years ago, after 15 years, Galileo returned to the Hybernia Theater four years ago.

Ledecky has no plans for further activities with the Žentour band, in which he has worked since 1982. The singer released his last solo studio album, Na konci duhy, in 2015. Last year, he recalled his first symphonic tour from 2019 with the album Symphonic.