In Shanghai scientists were able to isolate a new strain of coronavirus

В Шанхае ученым удалось выделить штамм нового коронавируса

The strain of coronavirus COVID-19 was isolated from specimen of patient

A group of researchers from Shanghai succeeded in isolating a strain of coronavirus COVID-19, the outbreak of which occurred in the Chinese city of Wuhan. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to Xinhua.

So, the Shanghai scientists were able to isolate a strain of a new species of coronavirus from a sample of a sick patient. Now scientists have completed the sequencing and analysis of the genome of the coronavirus COVID-19.

It is noted that this is the first successful case of the allocation of a strain of the coronavirus in Shanghai. The selection of the strain will allow scientists to study variations of the virus in real time and to conduct screening of drugs that will accelerate the research process of the coronavirus.

Recall that in China recorded the highest number of deaths per day from coronavirus. For the past day killed 254 people, were recorded 15 152 new cases of the disease. This is due to start using a new method of determination of coronavirus, which allows you to speed up the results.

In addition, who has denied the information about a sharp increase in the number of patients with coronavirus outside of China. The organization said that the increase of disease a new virus outside of China recorded only on a cruise ship off the coast of Japan.

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