In the Czech Republic this week, temperatures will fluctuate during the day from three to 15 degrees

In the Czech Republic this week, temperatures will fluctuate during the day from three to 15 degrees

In the Czech Republic this week, temperatures will fluctuate during the day from 3 to 15 degrees

Trees broken by strong wind – illustrative photo.

Prague – In the Czech Republic, daily temperatures will fluctuate from three to 15 degrees Celsius this week. Tuesday will be similarly warm as today, then it will cool down and at the end of the week the temperatures will rise again. At night, temperatures can drop to five degrees below freezing in the middle of the week. This follows from the weekly forecast published today by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ). Strong winds may also reappear today and Tuesday.

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Today, temperatures in the Czech Republic reached over 16 degrees. On Tuesday, temperatures can still range between nine and 14 degrees, but on Wednesday and Thursday it will cool down by a few degrees. On Wednesday, meteorologists expect daytime temperatures of only between three and seven degrees, only in the south of Moravia, according to the ČHMÚ, it could be up to nine degrees. Temperatures will probably be between five and nine degrees on Thursday.

The drop in night temperatures will be noticeable. While on Tuesday night the temperature can reach up to plus nine degrees, on Wednesday night it will probably only be between plus three and minus three degrees, and on Thursday night even between minus one and minus five degrees.

However, it will warm up again from Friday. Meteorologists expect daytime temperatures on Friday to be between nine and 13 degrees, and in the southwestern half of Bohemia they may rise to 15 degrees. It will be ten to 14 degrees on Saturday and ten to 15 degrees on Sunday. On Friday night, temperatures will be between plus two and minus two degrees, and on Saturday night from plus three to minus one degree. Temperatures will not drop below freezing on Sunday night. They will be between two and seven degrees above zero.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, it will be cloudy to overcast with showers, which may also be snowy or mixed. In the following days, it will be mostly cloudy to almost clear without showers, only on Sunday it will become cloudy again, according to meteorologists. From this afternoon through Tuesday morning, and then again Tuesday night and into the first half of Wednesday night, people should watch out for strong winds. According to the ČHMÚ warning, the wind will reach speeds of up to 65 kilometers per hour today and Tuesday night, mainly in the northeast of the Czech Republic. On Tuesday evening and on the night of Wednesday, it will intensify in gusts to 70 kilometers per hour.

For the next four weeks – from today until April 9 – according to the monthly outlook CHMÚ, temperatures will generally not deviate from long-term averages for this period. However, the first two weeks will be slightly above average, and the next two weeks will be slightly below the long-term average. In the first two weeks of the mentioned period, weekly averages of the highest daily temperatures will be around 11 degrees Celsius, in the third week around nine and in the fourth week around 12 degrees. “At the same time, short-term temperature fluctuations of up to several days can be expected, both to higher temperatures and to lower ones,” the institute's staff said today.