In the end, the new iPhone will not include one of the most anticipated features

In the end, the new iPhone will not include one of the most anticipated features

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In the end, the new iPhone will not include one of the most anticipated features

Less than a month after the presentation of the new iPhone 13, the rumors do not stop circulating. One of the most recent points out that one of the features that had generated the most expectations will be saved for a future release since it is not completely ready.

When everything seemed to indicate that this new iPhone line would mark the return of Touch ID, this time under the screen, the doubt became more and more solid.

Apparently, Apple will dispense with this feature in the 2021 models and will choose to improve its face unlock technology. This was indicated by Mark Gurman, a journalist from Bloomberg, through its latest weekly newsletter.

And while it was made public that Apple was testing this feature, the project, for the moment, was discarded. The problem is that many of your competitors have been perfecting these readers for at least three generations. Not including it can make you lose value.

Even some of its direct rivals, such as Samsung, already include this fingerprint reader on some of the mid-range models, as is the case with the Samsung A52.

The new iPhones will have an improved battery.

The next models that will be announced at the end of September, will arrive no fingerprint unlocking. Instead, they will keep the TrueDepth camera in the upper area of ​​the screen, which will accommodate the sensors necessary for Face ID.

Touch ID was removed from the iPhone after the arrival of the iPhone X, the first phone with hardly any front bezels. Instead of moving the reader to the side or back, Apple opted for three-dimensional facial recognition, Face ID.

However, Gurman maintains that Touch ID could come back for next year, with the iPhone 14. Although only for the top two models in the catalog. That would leave the iPhone 14 mini and iPhone 14 with only Face ID.

As if to put it in context, Gurman has been responsible for some of Apple’s biggest leaks in recent times, which is why he has plenty of credit for his claims.

Other novelties

Among the leaks surrounding the iPhone 13, it is expected to come with a way to have the screen always on and one 120Hz refresh rate. Like every year, it will have a new processor, the Bionic A15, although it is not yet known how much it will power these new phones.

In the end, the new iPhone will not include one of the most anticipated features

The news of the iPhone 13.

The latest rumors point to major battery level improvements, one of Apple’s weak points. Specifically, more than 10% battery in almost the entire model line.

In addition, in this edition, the arrangement of the cameras in the iPhone 13 it will be diagonal, a small change from the iPhone 12 of the last generation. They are also expected to have an astrophoto mode for long exposures.

Improvements are expected in the ultra wide angle lens, which would have an aperture of f / 1.8 to be much brighter. As an aesthetic detail, the iPhone 13 would come with a smaller ‘notch’ and that they maintain 5G connectivity.

According to the report by the market analysis company TrendForce, cited by the specialized site MacRumors, the iPhone 13 models will have similar launch prices of the iPhone 12, varying by the amount of storage.