In the Lviv region of the coronavirus suspected to have 119 people

На Львовщине коронавирус подозревают у 119 человек

In the Lviv region with suspected coronavirus asked 148 people, 29 of them is the presence Covid-19 is not confirmed. In isolation there are 57 people.

It is known that 4 new suspected coronavirus among residents of Lviv and Zhovkva region, the press service of the Lviv regional state administration.

20 March in Lviv confirmed the first case of infection with coronavirus. On Covid-19 ill 59-year-old citizen of Lviv, which on 13 March, he returned from Germany.

Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy added that coming back from Germany, a man aware of what is at risk. So the first day after the return of the man passed the tests in a private laboratory. Sick all the time tried to be in isolation, and after receiving positive results, immediately appealed to the infectious hospital.

March 22 reported a second case of infection. Ill 51-year-old woman who returned from Austria. On arrival she isolated themselves, and when the condition worsened, I went to the hospital.

As of March 26, in Ukraine, recorded 156 cases of infection with coronavirus, of which 5 deaths, and 1 recovered.

The main coronavirus in Ukraine

  • On 12 March, Ukraine imposed a quarantine to stop the spread of coronavirus. It will last until April 24. Also, the state has closed its borders for foreigners from 16 March and has suspended international air and rail links to 17 March.
  • Closed and all the cultural, entertainment, sports facilities, restaurants, cafes and the like. Will work only pharmacies and grocery stores, gas stations, banks and insurance companies.
  • March 18, completely stopped intercity passenger rail service. Also closed the metro in Kiev, Kharkov and the Dnieper.
  • The government plans to introduce a state of emergency in Ukraine.
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