In the network appeared the calculator toilet paper for the duration of the quarantine

В сети появился калькулятор туалетной бумаги на время карантина

The user can calculate, will he have enough stock until the end of the insulation.

In the Internet there is an online calculator which allows to calculate whether there is enough available stock of toilet paper before the end of quarantine. The site was developed by the British as Ben Sassoon and Sam Harris and is designed to reduce panic and the demand for this product.

The developers themselves admit that they decided to create a calculator after they began to argue about how much toilet paper is used every day and how this figure will change during the quarantine. Since then, the site used five million people.

Users can use the normal and advanced settings. First include the quantity of coils and the number of visits to the toilet per day. In advanced you can specify other parameters: the number of family members, days of quarantine, and so on.

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