In the nomination of the Czech national football team, Matoušek is a newcomer, Jugas is returning

In the nomination of the Czech national football team, Matoušek is a newcomer, Jugas is returning

Newcomer Matoušek is nominated for the Czech national football team, Jugas returns

Football player Jan Matoušek from Bohemians 1905 (pictured on January 25, 2023).

Prague – The coach of the Czech national football team, Jaroslav Šilhavý, has called up one rookie offensive all-rounder, Jan Matoušek from Bohemians 1905, for the June matches in the Faroe Islands and Montenegro. Planters. Midfielder Antonín Barák is unexpectedly absent.

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Newcomer Matoušek is nominated for the Czech national football team, Jugas is returning

Newcomer Matoušek, Jugas returns

In the nomination of the Czech national football team is the newcomer Matoušek, Jugas returns

Newcomer Matoušek is nominated for the Czech national football team, Jugas returns

On June 17, the Czech team will take on the Faroe Islands in Tórshavn for the third European Championship qualifier. Three days later, Šilhavé's wards will present themselves in training in Podgorica. The national team coach has called up 25 players, after the opening duel in the Faroe Islands, six Vladimír Coufal, Tomáš Holeš, David Jurásek, Václav Jurečka, Ladislav Krejčí jr. and Jan Kuchta will leave the team.

Matoušek previously played for the national team of twenty-one , but after that he did not fulfill the role of a great talent for a long time. The 25-year-old offensive all-rounder only got into shape this season, in which he scored six goals to help Bohemians 1905 to fourth place in the league and the first promotion to European cups since the division of the federation.

“We lack speed types in the team. (Injured) Jakub Pešek was such a type. Honza Matoušek performed very well in Bohemka, he is exactly the speedy type of striker, he can score a goal. Bohemka also reached the cups with his participation, so we called him ,” said Šilhavý.

The 31-year-old stopper Jugas has so far made two starts for the national team in June 2018. “Jakub played a very good season, we know him from Slavia. everything. He will be here for a long time, for the first time in five years. We'll see how he is,” said Šilhavý.

Due to a lingering injury, the best scorer of the current squad, striker Patrik Schick, is missing. Another stable member of the team, Barák, who has 37 starts and eight goals in the national team, dropped out for other, unspecified reasons. “We have already made decisions at previous meetings. The team has set some rules that everyone must follow,” noted national team manager Tomáš Pešír.

“It is not for health reasons. I spoke to him yesterday in front of the press to inform him that he is missing from the nomination this time. We understand that there will be a lot of discussion around this non-nomination. We spoke with Tonda several times at the last meetings and we discussed which things we didn't like and which need to be improved. The behavior in the team from Tonda's point of view was not always quite right, so it came to such a decision that we left him out for the upcoming meeting,” noted Šilhavý.

The brotherly pair last played together in the national team in 2011, when Roman and Michal Hubník played in the match against Japan. Now the Sadílk siblings can follow them. Twenty-seven-year-old Lukáš from Sparta was nominated for the first time in March, although he has not yet started, Michal from Twente Enschede, who is three years younger, is returning to the national team after injury, just like defender David Zima.

In the goalkeeper trio, this time he got ahead Pilsen's Jindřich Staňk prefers Tomáš Koubek from Augsburg. After a year, striker Václav Jurečka from Slavia, who became the best scorer of the league season, returns to the national team.

After the opening two matches of the European qualification, the Czech team has four points for a 3:1 home victory over Poland and an unexpected away goalless draw in Moldova. The top two teams from each group will advance to the championship, which will be hosted by Germany next year.

The team will meet on Monday 12 June and will prepare at Sparta's training center in Strahov on the artificial grass on which the match in the Faroe Islands will be played. On the way from Tórshavn to preparation in Montenegro, during the stopover in Prague, six players – three from Slavia, two from Sparta and Coufal from West Ham – will leave the team.

“The clubs themselves asked us to spare the players. We came out to meet them. We certainly don't want to underestimate the second match, but to play it well, to test other players. I believe that we will manage the match that we are most interested in out of the two, and then we will prepare for the second one,” added Šilhavý.

< p>Nomination of the Czech national football team for the EC qualification match in the Faroe Islands (June 17 in Tórshavn) and the preparatory match in Montenegro (June 20 in Podgorica):

< td>David Jurásek

< td>0

< td>Mojmír Chytil


Position First and last name Club< /td>

Number of starts Goals
Goalkeepers Tomáš Koubek Augsburg 12 0
< /td>

Jiří Pavlenka Bremen 18 0
Tomáš Vaclík Huddersfield 53 0
Defenders Jakub Brabec Aris Soluň 35 2
Vladimir Coufal West Ham 36 1
David Douděra Slavia Prague 1 0
< /td>

Tomáš Holeš Slavia Prague 19 2
Jakub Jugas Cracovia Krakow 2 0
Slavia Prague 2 0
Ladislav Krejčí Jr. Sparta Prague 3 1
Patrizio Stronati Puskás Academy 2< /td>

Jaroslav Zelený Sparta Prague 7 0
David Zima FC Turin 15
Midfielders Václav Černý Twente Enschede 9 2
Alex Král Schalke 35 2
Ondřej Lingr Slavia Prague 6 0
Lukáš Provod Slavia Prague 8 1
Lukáš Sadílek Sparta Prague 0 0
Michal Sadílek Twente Enschede 14 0
Tomáš Souček West Ham 58 9
Strikers Adam Hložek Leverkusen 21 1
Slavia Praha 4 3
Václav Jurečka Slavia Praha 5 0
Jan Kuchta Sparta Prague 14 3
Jan Matoušek Bohemians Prague 1905 0 0