In the pandemic the use of homeopathy grows, + 25%

In the pandemic the use of homeopathy grows, + 25%

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In the pandemic the use of homeopathy grows, + 25%

Homeopathy grows in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, in the last year, the use of homeopathic medicines has increased by 25%, as recorded in the survey “Italians and homeopathy in the year of the pandemic”, Conducted by Emg Different on behalf of Boiron. The main users of these products are women aged 35 to 54, residing in Central Italy and 24% make at least one purchase a year: up by 4 points compared to 20% in 2018, emerges from the survey. The data also indicate that today 20% of the population, that is 10.2 million Italians, declares to use homeopathic medicines: in 2018 they were 8.5 million (17%).

The period of the pandemic seems to have guided the growth in the use of these medicines. In fact, the interviewees turned to homeopathy to control the disorders that have increased due to the sudden change in lifestyle imposed by the lockdown. more or less prolonged. While it is not surprising that 51% of users used these medicines to “promote the immune system”, on the other hand it confirms the need to resort to homeopathy to overcome a period of stress / fatigue (37%), insomnia (26%) and gastrointestinal problems (25%), as again emerges from the survey, conducted on a sample of 1,000 people representative of the Italian population over 18.

“The results “of the survey – he claims Fabrizio Masia, CEO of Emg Different – testify to the excellent state of health of homeopathic medicine and the increasing sensitivity of Italian citizens towards products which are recognized not only natural, but also effective in solving a multiplicity of ailments and diseases “.

“The data indicate indeed – he comments Silvia Nencioni, president and CEO of Boiron Italia – that many Italians have chosen to rely on homeopathy, a human therapy, respectful of the individual and safe, to treat some of the health problems most emerged in the last year, in conjunction with the pandemic . This survey also confirms some strong points of homeopathy: it is a shared opinion that homeopaths are safe and effective medicines, of which the absence of toxicity and contraindications is also appreciated. A therapeutic opportunity that allows health professionals to take global care of all patients, including pregnant women, children, the elderly ”, he concludes.

The survey shows that in the first place among the reasons that favor these medicines is the fact that they are natural, recognized by 40% of users. Being effective is the advantage reported by 28% of subjects, while for a quarter of the sample “they do not harm / are not toxic”. Homeopathic medicines over 20% of users appreciate the possibility of using them for minor ailments (anxiety / stress / cystitis / gastritis etc.), knowing that “they are safe / can be taken with peace of mind”, they are “simple therapies to follow”.

And again: the pandemic has awakened in Italians the usefulness of natural products to which 54% of the sample recognized the importance of improving the state of health, especially to strengthen the immune system and solve problems of insomnia and stress. Also in this case it is women (66% of the sample), very young (18-34 years) who prefer herbal and homeopathic medicines. The survey – conducted on a sample of 1,000 people representative of the Italian population over 18 – also confirmed, for natural products, what was recorded for homeopathy. Compared to the year before Covid-19, the attitude towards natural products has changed for 41% of the sample, who in 77% of cases use them more.

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