In the Parliament of Georgia included the national anthem of the USSR (VIDEO)

В парламенте Грузии включили гимн СССР (ВИДЕО)

In the Parliament of Georgia during his speech, the speaker began to sound the national anthem of the USSR. The composition included members of the opposition as a protest. The recording sessions were broadcast on the legislature’s website.

The inclusion of the anthem took place on Tuesday, February 18, during a speech of the speaker of Archil Talakvadze. First, he read out his annual report, and then moved on to the next issue that the opposition finds objectionable.

В парламенте Грузии включили гимн СССР (ВИДЕО)

Discontent led the vote for appointment to the post of Prosecutor General of Georgia Irakli Shotadze. He had previously held this position, but resigned after the sensational case of the death of two 16-year-old boy during a fight in 2017. Relatives of those killed believe that Shotadze covered the killers.

The opposition that protested on the street, tried to break into the plenary session hall. In their hands they held placards and a megaphone, which was broadcast the Soviet anthem.

“We believe that the Soviet anthem is the most appropriate gesture to the country’s existing situation and how the leadership behaves, so we decided to include it,” said opposition leader Nadirashvili.

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