In the top and transparent skirt: Lesya Nikityuk excited network sexy photo

В топе и прозрачной юбке: Леся Никитюк взбудоражила сеть сексуальным фото

Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk once again stirred the network. The star showed off a sexy sheer outfit that emphasized her slender figure.

The appeared on the official instagram page of the presenter. Lesya Nikityuk seductive posing, showing off their forms in a light top and skirt with a large incision. Sexuality frame was added to hairstyle with wet hair and a sheer dress.

Already in the article, the TV star decided to joke with the recent event. The Les nikitiuk, like few other domestic actors, called the lead singer of 30 Seconds To Mars Jared Leto. 12 days he was in meditation in the desert, so recently learned about the pandemic coronavirus. Calling Jared Leto wanted to appeal to the fans, so they followed the advice of the who and remained in quarantine.

However, Lesya Nikityuk was not ready to talk with the idol. She was confused and said, “You called me, silly. It is urgent to dissolve the hair. Why am I not wearing?” Sexy pics Lesya Nikityuk showed how preparing for the next conversation with Jared Leto and noticed the actor in the picture.

Got dressed, drew … until called – with humor she wrote.

See how Jared Leto called Les nikitiuk: emotional video
















24 ber R. 2020 1:32 PDT

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