In the United States sold 76 billion doses of opioids – a real “tsunami” of drugs in the country

В США продано 76 миллиардов доз опиоидов - настоящее “цунами” наркотиков по стране

Reports control control drugs show that manufacturers of medical preparations distributed 76 billion tablets of oxycodone and hydrocodone – mostly generics – in pharmacies USA from 2006 to 2012. It was carried out, despite the rise in deaths from opioid overdose.

Pharmaceutical companies have created a “tsunami” of opiates, which aggravated the epidemic of dependence on pain medications, said Thomas Frieden (Thomas Frieden), former Director of the center for control and prevention of diseases. According to the CDC, since 2000, the US has registered more than 430 000 deaths from an overdose of prescription drugs or illegal opioids.

Recently published government data suggests that the company Purdue Pharma was the cause of the flooding of America with billions of tablets, despite the danger of death of patients. Purdue Pharma was fined 635 million for false advertising of oxycontin.

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