In the video, in China, fighting the coronavirus, some people spit on the Elevator buttons

In the video, in China, fighting the coronavirus, some people spit on the Elevator buttons Author: Alina Dykman video viral videos health China Coronavirus На видео в Китае, борющемся с коронавирусом, некоторые люди плюют на кнопки лифтов

Amid the outbreak of coronavirus, which has claimed the lives of 1367 people, some people in China got on video when I spit on the Elevator buttons.

In one video, satop in the city of Datong, the visible an elderly man who spits on his hand and runs it through the buttons on the Elevator.

A local resident informed the leadership of the building that the buttons seemed dirty. When the “hero” video was found, the doctors checked his temperature which was normal. The man apologized and said “just kidding”.

Since then, both in Wuhan, an outbreak of coronavirus, many elevators were there boxes of disposable wipes, to prevent people touching the buttons.

In another video a man in Nanning spits into a handkerchief, and then rubs it on the Elevator buttons. Local police have arrested a man who had no symptoms of the coronavirus, and detained him for 10 days.

And on Sunday, a woman was arrested after the city of Chongqing several times, spat on the button. In addition, she used a disposable cloth to press on them and then threw it away and put back in the box.

The police said that found: the woman had a fight with other residents and decided to revenge them. She had a normal temperature.

In another incident, a woman from Wuhan was caught on video from surveillance cameras, when a late night spat on the door handle in your apartment complex.

As reported by Taiwan News, people who watched the footage, reported it to the guards. In a few minutes the police arrived in protective suits and disinfected public spaces in the building.

Authorities said that the case is being investigated, adding that more than 30 residents of the building tested positive for the coronavirus.

It is unclear whether infected the woman, which some commentators have called “a sociopath trying to avenge my country.”

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