In the Žebřík poll, they received three nominations each: Vypsaná fixa, Zatracený and Žbirka

In the Žebřík poll, they received three nominations each: Vypsaná fixa, Zatracený and Žbirka

In the Žebreia poll, they won three nominations each. and Žbirka

Illustration photo – Rock for People Festival, June 18, 2022, Hradec Králové airport. In the picture, the singer Michal "Márdi" Mareda and the group Listed fiXa.

Prague – From the January fan voting in the 31st year of the Žebřík music poll, it emerged that after three nominations, the band Vypsaná fixa and singers Marek Ztracený and Miroslav Žbirka won. Two irons in the fire have Chinaski, Mirai, Tata Bojs, Anna K, Ewa Farna, Lenny and David Koller, who can also succeed with the Lucie group. The final results will be decided in the second round, which will last until the end of February. ČTK was informed about this by the director of the Žebřík awards, Jaroslav Hudec. The winners will be announced on March 31 at the DEPO2015 complex in Pilsen.

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Cocotte Minute, Kabát, Prago Union, Jan Křížek, Tomáš Klus, Eva Burešová and Kateřina Marie Tichá also scored. The discovery could be LABe, Marcell, Martin Chobot, RedZed or Tereza Balonová. Hrady CZ, Tour de leto Marko Ztracené, Metronome Prague, Rock for People and Tribute to Miro Žbirka will compete for the title of Event of the Year. The nomination list also includes the name of the late David Stypka, whose duet with Ewa Farna aspires to one of the Songs of the Year.

“Out of the five nominees, based on the results of the February voting, we will award three performers or bands in each category, as is customary at Žebřík. In total, 27 awards will be presented plus one special, designated Žebřík personality,” explained Hudec about the form of the final evening.

Music fans can vote in the categories Group, Album, Song, Video Clip, Singer, Singer, Discovery, Event and Film of 2022. The bronze statuettes for the winners again come from the workshop of sculptor Václav Česák. During the five-hour final evening with moderators Mark Taclík and Iva Pazderková, Michal Pavlíček, Kateřina Marie Tichá with Bandjeez, Vypsaná fixa, Znouzectnost and others will perform.

Over 1,000 paying viewers and other guests attend the announcement every year. In recent years, approximately 10,000 fans have voted each time. The organizer of the event is iReport magazine.

Last year, Marek Ztracený, Ewa Farna, rapper Marpo and the group Mig 21 won the Žebrík poll. Ztracený defended his first place in the category of singers from last year, and his Tour de summer was also the best event of the year 2021. Rapper Otakar Petřina, performing under the name Marpo, won last year with the song Bad Man in the song and video clip categories. Among the groups, the band Mig 21 received the most votes.

Listeners chose the recording Breathe by singer David Stypka as the best album. The winning singer Ewa Farna scored thanks to the album Umami. The discovery of the year was the group Bert & Friends, in the film category, the film directed by David Ondříček Zátopek received the most votes. The organizers of Žebřík dedicated the prize in memoriam to the late Slovak singer and composer Miroslav Žbirka.