In Torreón, a man takes up the bolero trade after retiring

In Torreón, a man takes up the bolero trade after retiring

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In Torreón, a man takes up the bolero trade after retiring

Lilia ovalle

Torreón, Coahuila. / 05.07.2021 19:11:28

Gladly Don Roque asks that a photo be taken of him in the middle of his bolero chairs. To the place He put a little tote bag and a fan on it so that the heat does the same to him as “the wind to Juárez. Now he is retired because he said, his father, bowling shoes to all the children gave them a profession And thank God he did his time and after practicing his profession he got a pension.

“My name is Roque Eleazar Ríos Colunga at your command and pretend that I was born in a bowling box, these chairs belonged to my father but from there there were twelve of us, and my father gave us a career bowling. I am an industrial engineer just that I am retired and so I took up again so that my changarro is not alone and continue with the tradition of my old man ”.

Don Roque commented that with the covid-19 pandemic His clientele did drop, but he does not lose hope because his business is in the middle of government offices. Thus, its panoramic view offers you the image of the Plaza Mayor while behind it is the building that houses the Palace of Justice.

“First of all, God goes out pa’chivear, pa’los frijolitos, although I have my pension, thank God and here in the federal offices I also have a pension thanks to my Cotton Head. This is to keep me active because my children are already grown up, I only have one left ”.

Don Roque is disciplined and a believer. Y when he doesn’t like customers, he starts studying The Book of Mormon and proudly says, he belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ, which he took in 18 years ago. Faith for him moves mountains and points out that God is father even for the one who can be considered the worst of the children.

In his case, he only had two daughters and a boy. He offered all of them a career and only his boy has not exercised his career, he preferred to take the road as a taxi driver. Roque respected him because he comments, his boy has free will and has to respect his decisions.

“The guy is doing well, we get a cart with everything and plates and there he is pulling a taxi driver. Like me, here I can endure hot weather and rain because I arrive at ten in the morning and I leave at nine at night, I am leaving late because in the afternoon customers who did not get booted in the morning begin to fall. My wife throws me lunch but from here, at three o’clock when the heat starts, I have another bolería that belongs to my father there in La Alianza and there I go looking for the shade ”.

Don Roque is a kind and intelligent man who makes the most of life. Thus, under his shade, with a fan to one side, he listens to his music while waiting for the customer to decide to roll the shoes.