In Ukraine will soon deliver 200 thousand tests to identify Covid-2019: details

В Украину вскоре доставят 200 тысяч тестов для выявления Covid-2019: детали

Soon will arrive in Ukraine 200 thousand tests for the detection of coronavirus. They will arrive from China and South Korea.

This was stated by the MP from the “Servants of the people” Andrew Motovilova live talk show “Right to rule”.

We have actually paid and will soon be taken 100 of thousands of tests (for detection of coronavirus – 24 channel) from China. They are ready and will be sent to Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian contract is for a very large quota,
– said the MP.

He expressed “gratitude to the office of Jack MA,” which continues to help Ukraine to these extremely important tests for identification of infection.

Attention! 50 thousand tests for coronavirus for Ukraine bought Jack MA is the richest man in China. They already gave Ukraine. He also helped to purchase and the second part of the tests.

“Ukraine signed a contract with a very large Chinese institution, which manufactures laboratory tests, which are extremely needed in Ukraine. We ordered additional tests in South Korea, and it is also 100 thousand copies,” added Motovilova.

According to him, this is a great achievement of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine. Virtually all the equipment and remedies that Ukraine receives from abroad, come “through diplomatic channels”.

What help has already arrived in Ukraine from China:

  • Arrived in Ukraine 250 thousand rapid tests for coronavirus;
  • PCR tests to detect Covid-2019;
  • 80 thousand of respirators;
  • 10 thousand suits of protection;
  • Devices of artificial ventilation of the lungs;
  • 500 thousand layer masks.

В Украину вскоре доставят 200 тысяч тестов для выявления Covid-2019: детали

What is the difference between the tests Covid-2019 / Infographic 24 channel

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