In USA hundreds of hospices are rated as awful

В США сотни хосписов оцениваются как ужасные

Hundreds of hospice centers in the United States received poor marks for condition and performance.

More than 80 percent of hospice agencies in the U.S. had at least one drawback, most numerous, showed an investigation by the Department of health and social services.

As reported by NBC News, the results of the analysis showed that hundreds of hospice agencies across the country have serious, life-threatening flaws. Often we are talking about unsanitary conditions in many centres patients are injured, get a bad treatment or not receive it at all.

More than 300 hospice of 4563 across America in the period from 2012 to 2016 was found to be ineffective. Erin bliss, senior expert of the investigation, called the figures “unacceptable”. Almost every hospice center in the country, which provided assistance to patients receiving benefits under Medicare were part of the study, osebnega ever carried out in relation to hospice care. In 2017, Medicare spent 17.8 billion dollars on rospisnoy assistance to 1.5 million recipients.

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