In Wuhan found a woman who first became ill with the coronavirus

В Ухане нашли женщину, которая первой заболела коронавирусом

The first patient with a coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan was the saleslady of shrimp. She became ill on 11 December, and by the end of the month, the virus has infected 27 people.

The woman confirmed the first case of coronavirus in Wuhan, worked in the local seafood market. It is reported

The saleswoman December 11, the temperature rose. She sought medical help. The doctors said that she usually felt better after the injection of drugs. However, at that time they did not help. After 5 days the woman went to the hospital Huejostingo University of science and technology. There she was diagnosed with coronavirus.

As reported by the health Committee of Wuhan, until the end of December the novel coronavirus has infected 27 people. Seafood market contact 24 of them.

In addition, managed to find the first infected, who had no relationship to the market. This man on 16 December temperature rose and he went to the hospital. The patient noted that they had not visited the market. And in the last 2 weeks I went to work. He suggested that could be infected in the subway.

Coronavirus in China: latest news

  • As of 26 March by the coronavirus in the country had contracted 81 thousand 727 people. Died 3 thousand 291 people, recovered – 74 thousand 177. However, the peak of the epidemic there has passed. During the last days in China record a small number of infections.
  • In Hubei province, where the coronavirus has spread all over the world, has abolished the quarantine. However, China still has a mask mode in public places people measure temperature. Restaurants and the movie is not planned to open. The disease took almost three months.

В Ухане нашли женщину, которая первой заболела коронавирусом

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