Incredible scale: Kim Kardashian stunned playroom children

Невероятные масштабы: Ким Кардашян ошеломила игровой комнатой детей

Socialite Kim Kardashian shared a video where they showed a game room for their children, the extent of which is staggering. The heirs Kim, can be said to have his own little apartment.

The representative of telecomasia, star mom Kim Kardashian never ceases to amaze fans. Recently she has published a series, where children have fun and eat sweets in theme Park entertainment Stormi World. Now a celebrity has decided to share the place where her sons and daughters spend their free time. Short videos Kim spread in instagram-storis.

Judging by the video, it can be concluded that children Kardashian has allocated a huge room which was divided into different zones. So they play and do not interfere with each other. In the middle of the room can see the slide. There are a lot of different toys: toy soldiers, dolls and their houses, kitchen, washing machine, soft toys and much more.

Says Kardashian, her girls love playing in the supermarket, so the room has a toy cash register, and even an ice cream shop.

Games room, children Kim Kardashian: watch videos online

The highlight of the game star kids – musical instruments. Kardashian did in the bathroom scene where you see a drum set, violin, piano.

The children inherited from Kanye, the love of music, so we have a small scene,
commented on movie celebrity.

In addition, in children, there is also a projector that displays on the wall in a picture so the kids can still watch cartoons. And also there is an area allocated for employment creation. There draw kids doing lessons.

Games room, children Kim Kardashian: watch videos online

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