Indian mistakenly identified the coronavirus and committed suicide

Индус ошибочно определил у себя коронавирус и совершил самоубийство

50-year-old farmer from India Bala Krishna committed suicide after he had convinced himself that he had contracted Chinese coronavirus. Before that, the doctors tried to convince the man that this is not Covid-2019. We will add that in the state where the man lived, there was not a single case of infection, but only in the country confirmed coronavirus in three.

About it writes the edition . Within a few days Bala Krishna felt bad and went to the hospital. Doctors told the Hindu that he had viral fever, but this is not a coronavirus.

However, the man did not believe it and looking videos on the phone about the spread of the disease from China, was convinced that the coronavirus he contracted.

Son of the husband recalls how the family tried to reassure his father and to convince them that he is not suffering from the deadly disease. To this Krishna responded aggressively and throwing stones at relatives.

Индус ошибочно определил у себя коронавирус и совершил самоубийство

Indian convinced yourself that you contracted the coronavirus / Unsplash

Then the son of the Balls contacted by the state organization using a trust, but there he said if his father did not go to China, no reason to worry.

Subsequently, Krishna closed his wife and children in their house and went to my mother’s grave, where he committed suicide. Thus the person would not spread the disease. Relatives do not have time to save him.

The latest data on the spread of Chinese virus:

  • As of 13 Feb from viral pneumonia, which has been provoked by a coronavirus, died on 1 355 people. The total number of infected – 60 062 people around the world. However, there is good news – I recovered 5 542 people.
  • The world health organization announced the official name of the Chinese coronavirus – Covid-2019.
  • From the disease die in about 9% of those infected.
  • The world health organization declared a global emergency health.
  • In Ukraine, not a single case of suspected coronavirus has not been confirmed, but two Ukrainians have contracted the coronavirus on a cruise ship “Diamond Princess”.
  • In China have suspended group tours.
  • The Ukrainian Embassy in China advises to refrain from trips to the country, where raging epidemic.
  • February 11, citizens of Ukraine had to evacuate from Wuhan, however evacuation did not take place.

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