Insiders told how Prince Charles is struggling with the coronavirus

Инсайдеры рассказали, как принц Чарльз борется с коронавирусом

Wednesday, March 25, the whole world learned that Prince Charles is sick with coronavirus. The heir to the throne immediately isolated themselves and not in contact with other people not to spread the disease.

As reported , 71-year-old Prince Charles wife Camilla was lodged in Balmoral castle, in Scotland. There the Royal couple went shortly before the test for the coronavirus. So now Prince Charles have isolated themselves in one of the rooms of the castle and consults with doctors by phone.

The Royal family is pretty concerned about his condition. After the announcement of the positive test Covid-19 Prince Charles had phone conversations with Her Majesty
Elizabeth II and sons, princes William and Harry. However, to attract public attention to his history, he does not seek.

Prince Charles does not want too much fuss, since it is known that the virus affects thousands of people, and some are much stronger than him
– told the insider.

It is known that the test for the coronavirus passed and wife of Prince Charles Camilla. The results were negative, so the woman now lives in another part of the Balmoral castle. According to the insider, Camille personally not in contact with her infected husband, however, is disappointed about his diagnosis.

“Camille follows all medical recommendations, while Charles is treated. She’s worried about him, but he knows that he’s in good spirits and that he continues to work from his estate. They’re both very optimistic,” added the insider.

At the time of the pandemic coronavirus all members of the Royal family went to the country residence and reduced the number of staff to several people. So, Prince William and Kate Middleton with children settled in the Palace of Sandringham, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to a rented estate in Canada. But Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Philip chose Windsor castle.

The Queen last met with the Prince of Wales on the morning of 12 March, and now follows all appropriate advice about their health
– said the insider.

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