Instead of fashionable clothes mask: Ukrainian clothing company pereprofilirovanie

Some Ukrainian entrepreneurs for the duration of the quarantine redeveloped production. For example, in Lviv a few weeks ago, Schily branded clothing, and now – a protective mask. What is necessary to create a protective mask and what other cities have similar initiatives – read on.


In Lviv, on one of the enterprises of fabric for t-shirts has been postponed. However, the workers did not stop – now sew a protective mask. To make 1 enough 3 minutes.

“The mask of three layers. Inside plug-in filter that serves as protection. The mask is easy to sewing, nothing complicated. Believe that it protects people,” said the seamstress Galina.

Вместо модной одежды – маски: украинские швейные предприятия перепрофилируют

Seamstress Galina/ Photo: screenshot from video

The idea is to sew a scarce commodity arose immediately after the announcement of the pandemic coronavirus. The leaders noted that the main incentive was to preserve work for employees. Create a mask in the shop, and remotely from home.

The day the factory produces up to 4 thousand masks. The price for one mask – 10 hryvnia. Products plan to sell to private companies.

As soon as we announced that we would sew the masks, very much willing (appeared – 24 channel). In fact, we understand that the need is to private structures
– said the head of the public relations Department Taras Maselko.

Working conditions at the time of quarantine too much. In addition to disinfection also several important steps. Before work, workers measure the temperature. They also treat hands, changing clothes disposable. Disinfection is performed every 3 hours.

Вместо модной одежды – маски: украинские швейные предприятия перепрофилируют

1 mask sew 3 minutes / Photo: screenshot from video


Changed their activities to a period of quarantine and a network of home improvement stores in Kropyvnyts’ke. The epidemic of the coronavirus, they sewed clothing for construction workers, police and rescue workers.

Now in drugstores there are no masks, so we decided to establish production of such reusable protective masks in his shop,
– told the head of the production hall Catherine Bryukhovetskaya.

Sew a mask of cotton and gauze. They are reusable and hypoallergenic. They need to be washed and then ironed. Dressmaker assured that heat treatment kills all the germs.

Вместо модной одежды – маски: украинские швейные предприятия перепрофилируют

The mask is made out of cotton and gauze / Photo: screenshot from video

3 days in the shop produced approximately 1,000 masks. A third of them free will give doctors and law enforcement officers.

Coronavirus in Ukraine: the main

  • As of March 25, the number of patients with coronavirus in Ukraine exceeded one hundred. Of these, 4 died, 1 recovered.
  • 12 March, Ukraine declared quarantine until April 3rd. However, the government has decided to extend it for 30 days, i.e. until April 24.
  • The country has closed its borders to foreigners from March 16. The next day stopped international air and rail links. Ukrainians can return home personal car or on foot. Other citizens of Ukraine evacuated with the help of trains and flights.
  • On 25 March, the government imposed a state of emergency throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Вместо модной одежды – маски: украинские швейные предприятия перепрофилируют

Why is it better to stay at home / Infographic 24 channel

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