Intel Alder Lake-S: First List Prices for Upcoming Next Generation Processors

Intel Alder Lake-S: First List Prices for Upcoming Next Generation Processors

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Intel Alder Lake-S: First List Prices for Upcoming Next Generation Processors

THE Intel Alder Lake-S processors of the twelfth generation should arrive on the market in November, but the market is already preparing the price lists. As usual i prices reported they may be placeholders destined to change, but they look credible and may not be too different from Intel’s officially recommended pricing.

On the other hand, the price of 604.89 dollars indicated in the price list for theIntel Core i9-12900K is very close to the $ 599 expected by most insiders for the flagship processor of the Intel Alder Lake-S series, the one destined for desktops that will be led by a 16-core processor, although Provantage only indicates the 8 high-performance and not the 8 high efficiency, and 24 threads. In any case, it is an attractive price for a hybrid processor that can best adapt to any task, pushing the 8 main cores to 5.2 Ghz and exploiting the secondary cores for secondary operations, reduced loads and for multi-thread in order to guarantee both power and efficiency. All seasoned with the improvements of the motherboards we talked about in our special dedicated to the Intel Z690 chipset.

Provantage chain preliminary list prices for Intel Alder Lake-S processors

In the case ofIntel Core i7-12700K instead, only the 4 high-efficiency cores are indicated, but we know that they will be flanked by 8 cores with 16 threads able to go to 5.0 GHz, which is not bad since we are talking about a new architecture, albeit always based on proprietary transistors at 10 nanometers based on the production process now Intel 7. All priced, apparently, 422.17 dollars which could correspond, thinking to the official prices, to 419 or 429 dollars. Not bad then for a high-end processor with 12 cores and 20 threads that will be followed by the equally interesting Intel Core i5-12600K, destined to clash with the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X with a list price of $ 288, 6 high-performance cores with multithreading and 4 high-efficiency cores, for a total of 16 threads.

The Alder Lake-S processors that appeared on the pages of Provantage, a large American chain of superstores, are all of the K series, both in the versions with integrated GPU and in those without, as possible confirmation of the rumors that mentioned a first launch dedicated to unlocked processors, with those blocked destined to arrive only later. Among other things, it should be noted the greater convenience of the high-end boxed models that could arrive on the market with new heatsinks.

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