Iran does not intend to transfer the “black boxes” of the aircraft MAU

В Иране не намерены передавать "черные ящики" самолета МАУ

At the same time, Iran is not going to decipher “black boxes”

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif announced the decision of the Iranian authorities not to decipher “black boxes” crashed Boeing 737 without Ukrainian stakeholders and not to disclose them to any country. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to an interview with the American TV channel NBC News.

The Minister noted that Iran can’t decrypt the data recorders of the upland without the help of Western experts. However, he defended the government’s position on the refusal to transfer this equipment to other countries.

According to Zarif, Tehran sought assistance in deciphering the United States, but was refused.

Earlier, Iranian Ambassador to Ukraine Manouchehr moradi said that Iran can transfer the “black boxes” the plane of the Ukrainian airlines UIA Ukraine or another state, if he fails to decipher them independently.

RBC-Ukraine wrote that the recording “black boxes” of the Ukrainian plane that was shot down, the Iranian military will be sent for decoding to France. Later, the French Bureau of inquiry and analysis for civil aviation security said that the deciphering of the flight recorders will take place in Ukraine.

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