Irinea Buendía: SCJN excludes Mariana Lima in gender protocol

Irinea Buendía: SCJN excludes Mariana Lima in gender protocol

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Irinea Buendía: SCJN excludes Mariana Lima in gender protocol

11 years after the femicide of Mariana Lima Buendía, her mother, Irinea Buendía presented a letter demonstrating against the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) that did not include the Mariana Lima sentence in the new version of its Protocol to Judge with its gender perspective.

The letter stamped as received, on June 29, 2021, exactly the date on which marks the 11th anniversary of the femicide of Mariana Lima, was written by the activist Irinea where he regretted that his daughter’s case had not been included in the new version, despite being the first case in the State of Mexico and the country, which was investigated with a gender perspective.

He assured that with this action the body that once recognized his struggle, today does not make visible the achievement of mothers and groups who have made every effort to ensure that there is justice for each of the victims.

“I am not only surprised but aggrieved by the fact that the court itself has decided not to include the sentence of Mariana Lima Buendía (AR 554/13) in the new version of its protocol to judge with a gender perspective that it issued a few months ago I find it incredible and unfair that the sentence is not recognized as the leading case to judge research with a gender perspective “.

He said that “this not only represents a legal and unintelligible error in the SCJN because the judges who review this protocol will not have all the most relevant information on gender matters, which could harm other cases, but also and above all make my daughter Mariana and our struggle invisible for justice, that is, it re-victimizes us and wipes out years of struggle by many people, “the letter reads.

He assured that on the way to justice they have encountered endless obstacles, so asked to add the case as a reference and recognize it as the firstBecause only in this way will the thousands of victims have access to prompt justice.

“Due to the above, he respectfully requested on the death anniversary of my daughter’s femicide to include the sentence in the protocol recognizing its importance in access to justice for thousands of victims of femicide in this country,” he said.

Who is Irinea Buen Día and what happened to Mariana Lima?

In 2010 Mariana Lima was a victim of femicide in the hands of his then partner, despite the fact that his family fought for justice, for five years 20 public ministries, three prosecutors and three state attorneys ruled that he had taken his own life.

However, his mother Irinea Buendía did not give up and managed to get the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation in 2015 to attract the case and for the first time in history the investigations were reopened, this time so that the inquiries were from a gender perspective and went from suicide to possible femicide.

Mariana Lima was 28 years old, her husband Julius Caesar “N” was a commander of the then Judicial Police in the municipality of Chimalhuacán, days before her femicide he sought help from his mother and confessed the violence he suffered in the hands of his partner, when going to look for his belongings to abandon him, he would have murdered her.

After committing the crime, the accused allegedly used his influence to hinder the investigation and pass off the act as suicide. From that moment began the tireless struggle of Mrs. Irinea, who to date seeks justice, because despite the years the culprit has not received a sentence.