Is it possible to use medications that have expired

Можно ли использовать лекарства, у которых истек срок годности

End date of validity – a period during which the manufacturer guarantees 90% efficiency of the drug, and it is obvious that producers are not very motivated to renew it.

In the United States revealed that 88% of 122 drugs (studied 3 005 parties) owned 90% efficiency a year after the expiry date.

In another study of 2012 estimated Packed medicines expiry date has expired 28-40 years ago. Discovered that 12 of the 14 compounds retained 90% efficiency, including codeine, hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Aspirin, however, has not passed this test.

Можно ли использовать лекарства, у которых истек срок годности

Medications retain their effectiveness after expiry date

Later it was discovered that injecting the adrenaline retains its sterility during the 2.5 years after the expiry date. This may indicate non-toxicity, but not efficacy.

In the study 40 an EpiPen, it was revealed that over 50 months after the expiration date on all shots remained 80% concentration of the active substance (and more). So doctors conclude that it is better to have the expired drug than anything.

Important information, but, unfortunately, the conclusions of the American scientists cannot be transferred to the Ukrainian drugs. Therefore, we recommend to use medications that have expired.

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