Is Ukraine ready for a pandemic coronavirus: video

The epidemic of the coronavirus is spreading in Ukraine. However, do not kill the virus itself, and the resulting complications, in particular pneumonia and pneumonia. During treatment these patients need ventilators , of which the whole of Ukraine – only 4 thousand. That is, 200 vehicles to the area.

Mostly they are concentrated in hospitals located in major cities. In addition, not all devices placed in the infectious ward, and, for example, in the intensive care unit of the hospital, where they will not release a patient with human coronavirus.

It is known that in Kyiv to equip 7 health facilities, which will make patients Covid-19. Video from the Alexander hospital announced Vitali Klitschko, in which he noted that to fight the disease just enough. In the case of the deterioration of the epidemiological situation in Kiev can deploy about 7 thousand patients.

On days 5 hospitals of Kharkiv received a new artificial lung ventilation machines. Them from the city budget spent 12.5 million. In the intensive care unit of the hospital 17 to the apparatus already connected first patient after surgery.

The city has 168 and will buy 20 more. In the Kharkiv region, only about 130 vehicles, and will be another 30. Helping local businesses.

Can be used for children and adults. In addition, what is important for flu and viral pneumonia, we always begin artificial ventilation with non-invasive method. That is, a mask, not to injure. Only in severe cases we go for invasive, i.e., intubation,
– said the head of the intensive care unit of 17 hospitals of Kharkov.

Pandemic will be a challenge for Ukraine, as for other countries. According to immunologist Fedor Lapiy, the team, the first thing you need to take care of the protection of the medical profession. He also noted that the experience they have.

Ukraine was a pandemic in 2009-2010. They are similar approaches to therapy do not differ much,
– said Fedor Lapiy.

The Minister of health Ilya Yemets acknowledged that Ukraine is not ready for a pandemic. However, he previously stated: from Covid-19 die all pensioners.

In the Centre for public health at the health Ministry noted that doing everything possible so that Ukraine has passed the test of coronavirus. They stated that they daily spend more than 100 tests to those who have the symptoms of coronavirus.

We now have 50 thousand test systems. This is sufficient for the situation that is now developing. Even if we assume that every day we test 100 people and in the regions – the same number,
– said the head of the Department of communicable diseases surveillance novel homeland.

If necessary, the test system polymerase chain reaction to purchase. Also there urged not to panic, to comply with the conditions of quarantine and good personal hygiene.

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