It will warm up at the weekend, it can be up to 15 degrees Celsius

It will warm up at the weekend, it can be up to 15 degrees Celsius


Warm and sunny winter weather – illustrative photo.

Prague – It will start to get warmer in the Czech Republic from Friday, temperatures can rise to 15 degrees Celsius at the weekend. This morning, especially in the Czech Republic, people should watch out for ice. Somewhere there are also freezing fogs, ice may form locally on Friday night. This follows from the forecast and statement of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) on twitter.

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“If you are going to travel somewhere in the next few hours, be very careful – especially in the Czech Republic – about local ice and frost. In the morning, freezing fogs also formed in the lowlands, but they will gradually melt,” said the ČHMÚ this morning. According to the attached satellite image, freezing fogs occurred, for example, in the Karlovy Vary Region, Jindřichohradecky or in the belt including the Eagle Mountains and the eastern part of the Pardubice Region.

According to meteorologists, this morning is the coldest this week. Temperatures dropped to minus five, in the west they were two degrees lower, and in Tachov it was minus eight degrees. “In Šumava and in the Ore Mountains, it was even colder, the temperatures here ranged between -10 and -15 °C, in Rolava they didn't measure -18 °C,” added ČHMÚ on Facebook.

While today the daily temperatures will remain below ten degrees, on Friday they could rise to eight to 12 degrees, and in the Czech Republic to 15 degrees. It will be partly cloudy to cloudy.

On Saturday it will be mostly clear to partly cloudy. Night temperatures will drop to plus three to minus one degree, in the southwest and west of Bohemia to minus three degrees. The highest daily temperatures will be between 11 and 15 degrees, in the north of Bohemia around ten.

“On Sunday, a shallow wake of low air pressure from the west will begin to affect the weather here. Next week, they will advance in a warmer westerly flow separate fronts across Central Europe,” meteorologists said.

On Sunday, showers may occur in places. Night temperatures will remain above zero and during the day it will be 11 to 15 degrees the same as on Saturday. The spring weather will continue next week.