Italian: “Rome needed self-esteem.  Nastasic-Torreira still not ready “

Italian: “Rome needed self-esteem. Nastasic-Torreira still not ready “

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Italian: “Rome needed self-esteem.  Nastasic-Torreira still not ready “

Tomorrow the Viola receive the grenades: both teams are looking for the first points in the league

Federico Targetti

August 27

Vincenzo Italiano took the floor to present tomorrow’s match between Fiorentina and Turin to the press: here are his answers, followed by Violanews in direct text.

Newcomers? “In the immediate future, I think Torreira can give little. At least for this match. But we have a player of great personality, dynamism, character and a high level. It will take a few weeks to integrate, get to know his teammates and the coach. but for the intelligence he has it will take little. He and Pulgar are two players who can play in that role, but sometimes you can try to adapt, even and above all while the match is in progress. “

After Roma? “The match in Rome has given great conviction for what we are doing. At long stretches we have dominated the game, and it should always be something to look for, characteristic of our mentality. We must be those of the first 17 minutes and those who we were in inferiority. There were not so many opportunities that Roma created, they took advantage of complicated situations. We need to improve, but who has the perfect automatisms after so little? I was convinced to bring home important points “.

Castrovilli? “Maleh has grown considerably, with great prospects, and he is deserving. I evaluate from week to week, after every game everything is reset and every week we fight for the shirt. We all know Castrovilli’s value. We need maximum attention.”

Turin? “A very aggressive team, tomorrow they will try to replicate the match against Atalanta, in terms of attitude. They also know how to play and develop, with quality and fury. We must fight back in the same way, reacting to the defeat of Rome but starting from the positive things that they came out “.

Belotti? “I hope he doesn’t get the penny with us. I wish him it, but the day after tomorrow.”

Market? “I think the flanks we have are working well, I’m sorry I lost Callejon after only 17 minutes of the game. I don’t speak of the names that circulate.”

Pressures? “I’m happy to have the pressures, we live on this: it’s nice that important players like those who are arriving arrive. The more good players come, the happier I am, just like the pressures that increase. If the strong players come together, you get results . We hope other strong players will arrive so I would be happy to have more pressure. “

With the small ones? “The teams must be able to face all situations. Our idea is always to create a lot and stay away from the penalty area for a long time. We will try to exploit the home factor, I tell the fans that we can’t wait to start with so many people. at the stadium. Already in Rome it had an effect on me, the public is decisive “.

Errors of Rome? “I didn’t think I would concede two more goals, we had the game in hand after Zaniolo was sent off and a draw. Fiorentina must be convinced that they are a top-level team. A team with more self-esteem and boldness can bring that game home.”

Rotations? “Every situation is different, a lot of things happened last year, this year we are returning from a different path. Right now I don’t think that in the first few days you can rotate a high number of players. Of course, the shirt must be earned,” always”.

Squad? “I was pleased that the boys were applauded even after a defeat. People are on our side and feel our commitment. If I were a fan, I would see a team of great values. As a coach, I see guys who care a lot about do better than last year. We will always give our soul to try to make the fans proud. “

Nastasic? “He returns to a square where he was very happy, he has important values ​​and experiences. From what I have seen, perhaps he is not yet in condition, but I am convinced that he will show his skills. He has readings and familiarity with the ball and chain”.

Fourth? “They are all competitive players. The choices are always difficult for me, the boys must never give up. I talked to him, the opportunity can come at any moment. shot in the foot. But a South American champion like Lucas won’t do it, I’m sure. “

Igor? “The choice goes beyond the left foot, in the Cup we had Milenkovic and Pezzella. A left throws better deep, but for me those who are strong take the field from the beginning. He must grow and expect more too, like the others” .

Ricci and Pobega? “About Ricci I am amazed. He is a golden boy who can still give a lot, I am sure he will find a team as soon as possible. He does not deserve to stay out. wolf, has quality and goes to have an experience at Turin that will make him mature “.

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