Italian Vanity Fair gloss placed on the cover of the doctor as a symbol of the fight against the pandemic

Итальянский глянец Vanity Fair поместил на обложке врача как символ борьбы с пандемией

The magazine Vanity Fair Italy have created a free edition of the Lombardy region, to support the spirit of local residents, who suffered the most due to the coronavirus. This release is also dedicated to all the nurses, pharmacists, volunteers, factory and office workers at the forefront, which help to support the needy and to fight the pandemic.”

While the fashion industry is on hiatus, creators of award-winning journals trying to support their readers feature articles or entire special issues on the tireless combat coronavirus. For example, the French edition of Elle has released a special issue dedicated to the doctors who are struggling with the disease.

In turn, the Italian gloss Vanity Fair, who described the show business and fashion life of the country, decided to change its specifics, the “who leads the global war on coronavirus on the Italian front line”. The journal editors announced that all proceeds from the release will be donated to the hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo in the Lombardy region. The copy of Vanity Fair Italy to the Italians.

On the cover of the magazine depicted a 39-year-old specialist in pulmonary diseases at the hospital of Bergamo Catherine Conti, which is fully given to the case of intensive care.

Итальянский глянец Vanity Fair поместил на обложке врача как символ борьбы с пандемией

Doctor Catherine Conti graced the fashion glossy Vanity Fair Italy / Photo: Code Nast

Don’t call these doctors, nurses, key workers and volunteers are heroes because they do not want to be called such. They are professionals with extraordinary sense of duty… For us they are a reflection of the strong and full of hope in Italy, a country that has always managed to survive in the most difficult times. Their stories and their work that is told in this issue of Vanity Fair, became a valuable stories about the people who will stay with us forever, not only during this emergency situation,
– said Simona Marchetti, editor in chief of Vanity Fair Italy.

In the magazine readers will be able to read numerous stories about a family of pharmacists in Salerno, who continue to work for their community, despite the fact that their daughter is in preventive isolation; the cashier at the kiosk who interact daily with the public; the factory worker who produces goods of the first necessity; volunteer in the mark which delivers drugs in homes for people with a weakened immune system and a General practitioner in the province of Brescia, talking about the challenges they face today, and many others.

“Bergamo and his hospital turned out to be junk the epicenter of the earthquake is unprecedented in healthcare. Pressure on our entire region is an incredible and health is our front line. Doctors and nurses do the impossible. We should give them all possible support. We need people and equipment to ensure that demand for health care that exceeds current capacity, although since the occurrence of this emergency situation she grew up. So we thank Vanity Fair and Condé Nast for the fact that they support us with all the power”, – he thanked us for the issue of the magazine, the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori on the website of Vanity Fair Italy.

The magazine will be on sale from 8 April 2020. Just, as of March 25, Italy confirmed 74 of 386 cases of infection with coronavirus. Just one day the number increased by 5 is 210. The number of deaths is 7 503. Recovered from Covid-19 more than 9 thousand people.

What is known about the coronavirus in Italy?Italy most in Europe are affected by the epidemic of the coronavirus. Overall performance of infected and killed in the epidemic state is in second place after China, which became the source of the coronavirus. The epidemic is spreading for several weeks, and the number of victims is constantly growing. First, the coronavirus suffered only the North of the state, in particular the region Lombardy. Later, however, the disease has spread to the whole country, although in the North the situation is still the worst.

It is known that the coronavirus in Italy, died 3 Ukrainian.

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