Italy 2021: the other podium |

Italy 2021: the other podium |

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Italy 2021: the other podium |

To tell a Grand Prix you can use analysis and rankings, numbers and words. Images that converge in the most beautiful one: the podium celebrations, where the riders become children again and are covered in champagne. Reminding us that this, in the end, is a sport, and as such it should be interpreted: seriously, but having fun. A new format starts from the podium and from this spirit, where the three promoted and three rejected of the various F1 Grand Prix will be chosen: this is Italy’s turn.

F1 | Italian GP 2021, the podium of the promoted

1. Halo
2. McLaren, finally3. Charles Leclerc

1. Halo. Years ago, on social media, Lewis Hamilton commented on his introduction as follows: “The worst thing that has ever been seen in the history of Formula 1“. He is certainly not stupid, and therefore he has long since changed his mind, but it is nice to be able to smile at certain phrases from the past, thrown there for some reason, perhaps to get noticed, perhaps out of ignorance. He’ll laugh too, after Verstappen it passed over him like a T-90. With a message that is useful: nobody cares if something does not convince you, you will certainly know less than those who have studied for years. Life (yours and others) comes first. Anyone who has ears to hear intends.

2. McLaren, finally. Luck, sure. But also work, seriousness and programming. Sunday’s one-two, perhaps the most unexpected of the 48 in Formula 1, is an award to Woking’s planning, which year after year has added a piece to complete the mosaic and arrive immediately behind the first two. And then, what a satisfaction to pass from ‘GP2 engine‘of alonsian memory of the triumph of Monza, in the Temple of Speed: yes, the power unit is built elsewhere, but mixing it with the chassis has led to headaches and a rethinking of the car. And then, if the engine had been enough, the Aston Martin would have flown too. Instead, the scene changes unlike a McLaren that is repaid for the disappointment of 2020, when Sainz came one step away from breaking the spell. It is also a ransom for Ricciardo, who regressed to an ugly duckling after a year of beating by that Norris who for once ended up behind him. It’s the perfect ending: for the team, for Ricciardo, but also for Lando, which will have a thousand other opportunities to make up for it.

3. Charles Leclerc. There are those who say that Ferrari has not been able to take advantage of the episodes in Monza. But, please, what else was supposed to happen? They qualified seventh and eighth, they finished fourth and sixth. Did they have to run alone? This is the car, on the straight pay duty and in Monza it was clearly the fourth in order of competitiveness. Race of 8 of Leclerc, who is fighting on an equal footing with a Red Bull and a Mercedes, which are not equal to Ferrari. The only flaw: the overtaking suffered by Norris, still restarting, as in Imola. Apart from that, for more than 12 points it was necessary to ask for divine intercession.

F1 | Italian GP 2021, the failed podium

1. Resizing
2. Inclined plane3. Sebastian Vettel

3. Sebastian Vettel. With his Aston Martin so immersed in the world of James Bond that not only do they write 007 on the side, but nobody notices it. Was he competing? Are there any films that prove his presence in Monza?

2. Inclined plane. That of the rivalry between Hamilton and Verstappen. It was all too easy to predict that from Silverstone onwards the situation would only get worse, and probably if they had had the chance to fight side by side they would have scorned themselves in Hungary, Belgium and Holland. Only the contingencies prevented a new clash, and in fact at the first opportunity here is the accident. How do you tame them two like this? Either you cancel yourself and hope nothing happens, or you get aggressive too with the sanctions. Rose water penalties such as ten seconds in the race or three grid positions have no effect. Indeed, for Red Bull it could also be an assist to introduce the fourth power unit.

1. Resizing. Worse than an inclined plane, which you can counteract with external interventions, is downsizing. Because this is no longer a matter of physics: it is a question of mentality, projects, ambitions. Those of Ferrari, which went from an actual triumph (2019) to toast for a fourth place (2021), but also those of Monza, once a red tide and a Sunday lake for mostly Dutch tourists. And mostly rich. Price policy absolutely revisable, but it is also true that other circuits have also increased the cost of coupons and nevertheless sold them all. It has something else to do: they will help Ferrari recover and come out of the pandemic, but it would also be time to come up with something to make the track more attractive not only on the F1 weekend.

What are yours? And above all, why?