Italy steals the Euro from England on penalties

Italy steals the Euro from England on penalties

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Italy steals the Euro from England on penalties

First modification: 07/12/2021 – 00:18

Nothing more and nothing less than at Wembley, the Italian team achieved Eurocup glory and defeated England at home. After drawing 1-1 in the second half, Italy won the penalty shootout (3-2).

The Italian team had to sweat their shirts to win their second European Championship, but finally managed to beat England on penalties to take the title to Rome.

Thus, a powerful Italy stole the trophy from England, who dreamed of an international victory after 55 years of drought, and did so in no less than Wembley Stadium, the temple of English football.

The ‘azzurri’ went from less to more throughout the game: discouraged after Luke Shaw’s first goal in the second minute, they were able to find control of the ball from the second half of the match. The effort paid off and Bonucci brought the tie in the 67th minute.

Not even the extension managed to undo the 1 to 1 that was frozen on the scoreboard. The penalties, full of tension, ended up favoring the Italians led by Roberto Mancini, who missed the second attempt but turned the rest of shots into goals.

On the other hand, the English did not manage to pass the ‘azzurro’ goalkeeper Gianluigi Dunnarumma and counted the failures of Saka, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford from eleven meters.

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