Italy wins on penalties and is proclaimed champion of Euro 2020

Italy wins on penalties and is proclaimed champion of Euro 2020

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Italy wins on penalties and is proclaimed champion of Euro 2020

After 15 years of drought, the Italian team once again won an international trophy. Favorites all over the planet and supported by the vast majority of the neutral public, they can go home calmly because they have been just champions of this European Championship.

The last decade of this selection has been tremendously difficult, but each sudden elimination and each disaster when it comes to qualifying for a tournament has been worth it. At a Wembley packed with English people, Italy was once again crowned European champion.

The match started with the Three lions showing that he wanted to win this final. A play started by Luke Shaw on the left flank ended with the full back hitting a bounce soon after a measured cross from Trippier. The English took the lead both on the scoreboard and in dominance of the match at the hands of Shaw. The unexpected hero.

The rest of the first half was an English monologue. The Italians tried some combinations near the rival area but were unable to overcome the wall that Gareth Southgate planted.

The break allowed both coaches to touch up those details that would not have convinced their teams to leave with a renewed face for a memorable second half.

Both Mancini’s hand and the fatigue of the British who took a step back as soon as the second half started was too noticeable. From the hand of a great Chiesa and an improved Insigne, those from the country of the boot began to do a lot of damage to a sleepy England that ended up fitting the tie after a racket in a corner.

The second part was a lesson on how to deal with an adverse outcome from the azzurra. From minute 70 on, the game took a much more difficult course that prevented us from seeing too many dangerous chances.

Irremediably the extension made an appearance, and it is that the ninety minutes left the public with a complicated taste in the mouth. Each team prevailed during halftime and the absence of clear chances punished us with a match that will not go down in history for its beauty.

The pace grew a lot in the second half of extra time with an England that took a step in front of the hand of Grealish. The final of the European Championship was decided on penalties in which Donnarumma disguised himself as Buffon.

Not giving up is essential to achieve success, and if there is a team that has shown that the adversities over the last few years are not enough to knock them down, they are. Congratulations Italy.