“It's a failure”, says Marc Tanguay about the by-election

“It's a failure”, says Marc Tanguay about the by-election

 “It’s a failure, says Marc Tanguay about the by-election

Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir partial in the riding of Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne mostly set their sights on the candidate of Québec solidaire, Guillaume Cliche-Rivard.

Quebec solidaire's victory Monday in the by-election in Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne, a former red stronghold, is a “failure” in which the interim leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), Marc Tanguay, takes part responsibility.

“But it's also a team result,” he added, during a press briefing at the National Assembly. Mr. Tanguay stressed that an analysis of this defeat will be necessary, refusing to blame the organization. “With the resources that have been put into action, we have much to be proud of. »

On Monday, the solidarity Guillaume Cliche-Rivard chased the Liberals from this Liberal constituency since its creation, winning 44.5% of the vote in the complementary ballot. Dominique Anglade — who left the Liberal leadership on November 7, then her seat as MP on December 1 — has represented the voters of Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne since 2015.

The PLQ has for its share obtained 28.96% of the vote, while the Parti Québécois finished third (11.41%), the Coalition avenir Québec fourth (9.36%) and the Conservative Party of Québec fifth (2.69%).< /p>

These results do not mean that voters in Southwest Montreal have turned their backs on liberal values, according to the interim leader. “Yesterday's results are not a dismissal of the importance of social justice,” he argued. Yesterday's election is not a dismissal of the importance of having a strong economy to be able to fight climate change.

After congratulating Mr. Cliche-Rivard, Marc Tanguay praised the dynamism of the defeated Liberal candidate, Christopher Baenninger, who led an election campaign “at all times”.

In light of this failure, Mr. Tanguay recalled the extent of the work that the Liberals will have to do to reconnect with the people of Quebec. “It's clear that yesterday was not a step forward”, he said sorry.

The PLQ suffered a historic defeat in the last Quebec elections, collecting 14.37 % of the popular vote and electing 21 deputies. It now has 19 MPs.

Further details will follow