It's going to get colder this week, with temperatures dropping to freezing and snow

It's going to get colder this week, with temperatures dropping to freezing and snow


Cloudy sky, clouds, weather, tree – illustration photo.

Prague – Daily temperatures in the Czech Republic may drop from 15 degrees Celsius to zero during this week. With the cooling, snow will probably appear at the end of the week. This follows from the weekly forecast of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ). It will be cloudy with rain for most of the week. From Friday, rain may change to snow, especially in higher elevations.

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It was exceptionally warm in the Czech Republic over the weekend, in some places more than 16 degrees above zero were measured. The warm weather at the weekend caused the snow to melt, which, together with the rain, led to the rise of the levels of some streams to the first, i.e. the lowest, flood stage. This morning, the first stage was in 11 places, especially in the basin of the upper and middle Elbe, Orlice, upper Sázava, Odra and Svratka. After 17:00, however, the flow levels remained at the first level in only two places.

Similar temperatures to the weekend will be at the beginning of this week. This afternoon, according to the ČHMÚ, they reached approximately 14 degrees Celsius, and on Tuesday it can occasionally be up to plus 15 degrees. On Wednesday, temperatures will drop to nine to 13 degrees, and in the northeast it will even be only around seven degrees in places. Frost may already appear on Wednesday night, temperatures will be from plus six to minus one degree.

After that it will continue to cool down. On Thursday and Friday, according to the ČHMÚ, during the day it will be a maximum of seven to 11 degrees and at night it can cool down to minus one degree again. On Saturday, daytime temperatures will drop to three to seven degrees and on Sunday to zero to five degrees. On the night of Saturday, it can be as low as minus two degrees, and on the night of Sunday even with reduced cloud cover, even minus seven degrees.

With the cooling, snow will also begin to appear. First, the weather will be rather rainy from Tuesday to Thursday, with rare fogs. On Friday, however, it may already snow in locations above 800 meters above sea level, and on the weekend, snow will also occur in lower locations.

Over the next four weeks, temperatures will generally correspond to the long-term average for this period, or even be above average. Weekly averages of the highest daytime temperatures between today and March 19 will be between nine and 11 degrees and nighttime averages between zero and plus two degrees Celsius.