Jablonec lost a two-goal lead and only drew with Olomouc

Jablonec lost a two-goal lead and only drew with Olomouc

Jablonec lost a two-goal lead and only drew with Olomouc

Match of the 29th round of the first football league: FK Jablonec – Sigma Olomouc, April 26, 2023, Jablonec nad Nisou. Goalkeeper Matúš Macík from Olomouc and Václav Sejk from Jablonec.

Jablonec nad Nisou – In the 29th round of the first league, the players of Jablonec drew 2:2 at home with Olomouc, although they still held a two-goal lead in the 80th minute. Jan Chramosta sent Severočechy into the lead early on and Václav Sejk increased the score in the 25th minute. In the 81st minute, however, Mojmír Chytil reduced the penalty and in the fourth minute of regulation, former Jablonec defender Vít Beneš equalized.

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The North Bohemians did not win in the league for the fifth time in a row and at the very end of the game they lost the certainty that they would avoid the group for salvation in the superstructure. In 10th place, they are three points ahead of Ostrava and České Budějovice, with whom they have a worse mutual record.

Sigma scored for the third time in the last four rounds and in sixth place is one step away from playing the group for the title. With the eleventh draw, the Hanáci confirmed their position as the “king” of the competition.

Macík remained in the Olomouc goal despite the fact that he did not succeed in the last match with Teplice. However, the Slovakian goalkeeper did not avoid a mistake even in today's duel and gave the home team the lead after 15 minutes. His bad pass was caught by Chramosta and he opened the scoring with a shot from behind the goal post. The striker from Jablonec scored the fourteenth time in the league season and is second in the Gunners table.

In the 25th minute, the home players were leading 2:0. After another lack of emphasis in the guests' goal, Jovovic tapped the ball to Sejko, who himself did not hesitate in front of Macík. The Jabloneck striker scored his seventh goal in the league season. Hanáci could immediately reduce the score after home team Polidar dribbled the ball into the post of their own goal.

Olomouc coach Jílek made two substitutions in the 35th minute and sent Breite and Fortelný to the pitch. The North Bohemians could have added a third goal before the break, but Macík managed Chramostová's shot to the back post and Sejkova's shot.

Eight minutes after the break, the home team was held back by goalkeeper Hanuš, who eliminated Chytil's shot. Otherwise, however, Jablonečtí did not let their opponents into clear chances for a long time. In the 75th minute, Hanáci unsuccessfully asked for a penalty after Navrátil's fall, but they only took the penalty kick in the 81st minute after a foul by Chramosta on Breite. Chytil did not hesitate, even though Hanuš caught the direction of the shot, and scored the 12th goal in the league year.

The Hanás revived significantly and the home team ended up losing the victory. In the 87th minute, Hanuš pulled off an attempt by substitute Kramář, but at the end of the fourth set minute he had no chance against Beneš, who hit the ball into the net from close range after a long kick and an unfortunate rebound from Souček from Jablonec. for the third time in the league year and celebrated the goal despite his long stay in the north of Bohemia. Jablonec did not lose at home to Olomouc in the top competition for the fifteenth time in a row, but this time he could not be satisfied with the point.

Votes after the match:

David Horejš (coach Jablonec):“We played a very good first half, we were very active. Our goals came from that, it was decent. We wanted to continue to be active and control the game. The opponent had nothing to lose and created territorial pressure. An unfortunate moment and a penalty came. Then there was high nervousness on our part, because we couldn't play in safe areas. Unfortunately, the opponent equalized in the 94th minute, unfortunately football brings moments like that. It was from the last kick, there was a leak and it bounced to Beneš. We still have it in our own hands. We wanted to create confidence today, we were close to it. We have to mobilize now and manage it.”

Václav Jílek (coach of Olomouc):“I don't know if I should evaluate the first half at all. We entered it identically to Teplice. I asked myself if this is normal at all, just a case of Chocholoušek. There was a mistake by goalkeeper Macík and the management of Jablonec. It shook us, we lost accuracy and quality. Jablonec added the second goal. The half-time break was crucial, we changed the line-up, we added a second striker. There were not so many goalscoring opportunities, Jablonec was cutting the game. The goal from the penalty was crucial. In the end, we played vabank, Víťa Beneš also went forward. It was luckily, it fell to us and we equalized. We deserved a point for Jablonec's passivity in the second half.”

Source: www.fkjablonec.cz

FK Jablonec – Sigma Olomouc 2:2 (2:0)

Goals: 16. Chramosta, 25. Sejk – 81. Chhytil z pen., 90.+4 Beneš. Referee: Všetečka – Arnošt, Leška – Radina (video). ŽK: Považanec, Hanuš – Greššák, Chvátal. Spectators: 1714.

Jablonec: Hanuš – Martinec, Král, Souček – Šulc, Hübschman, Považanec, Polidar (54. Černak) – Jovovič (84. Ikaunieks), Chramosta (90. Štěpánek) – Sejk. Coach: Horejš.

Olomouc: Macík – Chvátal (68. Sláma), Pokorný, Beneš, Zmrzlý – Greššák (35. Breite), Ventúra (35. Fortelný) – Zifčák (68. Kramář), Pospíšil (88. Vaněček), Returned – Caught. Coach: Jílek.