Jalonen's future is uncertain, his concept was called unsatisfactory by the union

Jalonen's future is uncertain, his concept was called unsatisfactory by the union

>> Morning ice skating of the Czech ice hockey team before the Group B game of the World Cup against Kazakhstan, May 14, 2023, Riga. Czech coach Kari Jalonen.

Prague – The future of the coach of the ice hockey team, Kari Jalonen, is still uncertain. The executive committee of the Czech Ice Hockey Association (ČSLH) discussed the concept of the current implementation team for the following season, with the climax in the form of the home world championships in Prague and Ostrava, which it described as unsatisfactory. On whether he will recall Jalonen, but he has not decided.

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According to the brief press release issued by the representatives of the ČSLH, the members of the executive committee have determined the individual steps that they will deal with in the following days. They will decide on the composition of the implementation team for the upcoming 2023/24 season “in the near future”. hurry up and we want to make the best and most meaningful decision,” said the president of the union, Alois Hadamczik.

CSLH representatives made a similar decision on June 8, when Jalonen and other members of the implementation team presented their analyzes of the unsuccessful world championship in Rize and Temper. In May, the Czech team was eliminated in the quarter-finals and took 8th place overall, which is the worst result in history.

“The executive committee takes a very responsible approach to any changes and everything that would happen in the future. The negotiations are very long and demanding,” Hadamczik said at the time. The general manager, Martin Havlát, was subsequently tasked to, by June 20 at the latest, with Jalonen et al. they prepared a detailed report with plans for the next season. But the executive committee unanimously disagreed with it today.